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sábado, 4 de julho de 2009


She waits for it.
She looks up to see if there's any light on.
She opens the door
and everything's so messed up.
She lights up her cigarrete
the smoke fades in front of her.

she's so moody
she's so nice
she's so pathetic
so impulsive.

she's looking for something
maybe everyone is doing the same.
some can find it
some can't.
or pretend that they can't.
pretend that they can't.

Pretending is not totally wrong.
After all, if you pretend something
it shows that you care.
Or doesn't it?

At the end, she cries
she learns
she teaches
and she must see a point in all this.
Life says not to worry about eternal love.
If you see love, if you think it's love
then love it is.

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