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sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

The only difference

Embrace your madness
Be your boss
Stay away from me, devolish feelings
My soul is restless
And I keep asking
what am I here for?
my reference
my point of view
my moral
my limit.
Should I lose it?
Should I lose myself?
I think I'm lost already.
The more I want to make things right
the more I get things wrong.
I wish I could say I love you.
And I do. Believe me.
But is it that love?
those four letters everyone talks about.
that make your heart beat faster
your mouth dry
your hands sweat
your head spin
so cliche
or it is that love?
that makes you wanna stay.
that tells your what to do
that leads you the right way
that becomes your limit
your moral
your reference
your point of view
how am I to know?
for what it's worth
I've been trying hard to stay.
I've been here although I haven't really.
I've been living on the banks of this river
Life goes and flows as a river
the only difference is that we don't know where
it's gonna end.

2 comentários:

Diana Pontes disse...

nossa! como ela tá inspirada.. rs!
o tesão da vida é o mistério do próximo minuto. não teria graça se soubessemos o final das coisas...iriamos nos limitar...então, carpe diem!
a felicidade é a razão do viver. a razão do viver é a felicidade. assim, reciprocamente.
um beijo.

Natália Nunes disse...

essa primeira frase me lembro aquela outra, do caio fernando abreu:

"abraça a tua loucura antes que seja tarde demais".