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terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011


There's something you should know about me

I am trouble, I am it.
I am never goin' to be who you wish I were

Yeah, even I miss myself sometimes
Don't try.
You'll never get it.
I don't get it.
I'm better off without myself - I know.
I'll never fit your mold.

With me it's like a roller coaster, baby.
You're welcome but get ready for the ride

I'm not saying I'm proud
I'm not saying I'm right
I'm not saying anything.
In fact,
I 'am' saying something
through silence
I'm the hardest book you'll ever read
I'm sensitive and will push you away
I'm rude and independent.
I'm ugly and selfish.

Can you handle that?
Let me off
Once more.
And I'll kiss you.

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